Pornography And Other Corporate Nonsenses

by mr_mark_dollin

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Created on Fast Tracker II in late 2000. !Warning! this is music is challenging, uncompromising and uncool. No harm were sheeped as a result of making this album. Please read the fine print, the large font print and anything other language you do not understand. Understand? Good (under section 3. IV and XI of the act). And remember, wasting money isn't Real Art unless it exploits smut.

ARTISTS STATEMENT(S): "Hi, I wrote this music very quickly. I was 19 years old when I made it. I was a second year university student, living through the social-pressure-cooker of college. At the time I didn't care if anyone else would like it or not, I just made it because I wanted to. I poured my life into it - no restraint. There was no second-guessing in the composition: I had the ideas, and then I directly brought them to life. I think it really captures the mood of who I was and what I was involved with at that time. For all the chaos that lies within, there are undiluted intentions mapped right across the landscape of the album."

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released October 10, 2000

All committees written, performed, recorded and mixed by mr_mark_dollin, as if there were such a thing. Track 2 contains a sample from ‘Down Dirty’ by Marc Crouch, used by permission, yeah mad. Additional voices on Track 9 by M Kortt @ Metz. Economics isn't just exclusive elitism, It's A Way of Life. Pathetic Remastering completed on the 2nd of November 2010, conducted by a swirling vortex of evil and two Telefunken vacuum tubes in a clinical environment(s). Tested relentlessly on target demographics. Gone viral, died.




mr_mark_dollin Australia

To artfully capture the inexplicable and give it voice. To answer the call. To bring light and beauty to the world but also to critically discern fiction and illusion in a culturally resonant way. To take part in the collective work of consciousness development. To bring creative work to life so that it gives people experiences they may ordinarily never have. ... more

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Track Name: First Day Of School
Today is a fine day to play God.
Track Name: Down Dirty: Mindfuck Remix

Help me.

You gave me something I've been waiting for.
Track Name: Automatic Response

Just you fucking don't.

Track Name: Nice One, Dude.
This is the bit in the song where I have a dramatic change.
Track Name: The Burden Of Modern Architecture
Yeah this is just another one of those wacky experimental songs...

Track Name: Dj Kool
Hello, how was your day?
I hope you are well
I hope everything is fine for you
Yes I do.
Track Name: Enter The Code

Do not listen to her.
Enter the code.
Enter the code.
Track Name: Track 6: Man Gets On Bus
Repeat non-reaction.

Where do you want to go today?

And this, my loyal people
Is an overt expression
Of self destructive re-assurance
Tending to the directive
Of being devoid of sincerity
(And plastic reconstructions.)
Let not this sentence
Walk along ridiculous paths
Once trodden before by
My desires of help.
I offer to you something more-
I offer you nothing.

Today is when my song ends.
Track Name: My Pet Human
I told you guys to slow down, or something like this would happen.

Breathe goddamn it.
Track Name: Public Sponsorship Delirium – Synaesthesia
You're the funniest automaton I've seen!
You're the funniest automation I...

Track Name: Opera
Track Name: Cup Of Tea?
So sleepy...