by mr_mark_dollin

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The first full solo album.


released April 1, 2000

Music made by mr_mark_dollin using Fast Tracker II and a lot of lo-fi home recording equipment and techniques. Some of the original mixes for these songs were created in 1997, many in 1998 and 1999, and a few in 2000. All words and artwork by Mark.

Thanks to Morris Cotteril, Juliana Bates, Scott Dollin and Kristen Reece for contributing their fantastic voices to the songs.




mr_mark_dollin Australia

To artfully capture the inexplicable and give it voice. To answer the call. To bring light and beauty to the world but also to critically discern fiction and illusion in a culturally resonant way. To take part in the collective work of consciousness development. To bring creative work to life so that it gives people experiences they may ordinarily never have. ... more

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Track Name: Watching... Waiting
A cloudy sky
A rainy day
A fleeting thought
To wash away

(will you come to say hello?)

Track Name: People Mind Damange
People are walking
Through the streets
No smiling no talking

Mind isn't right
Cannot think
I've got to fight

Damage is everywhere
In their soul
Walkaway without a care

The people
Their mind
Is damage.
Track Name: Can't Wait
I am embrace
But I know that the water is coming
I am a hope
But I know that the water is coming
I am a dream
But I know that the water is coming
I am salvation
But I know that the water is coming

Will the sheep
Share this feeling?
Of eyes of fire?
Of drowning water?

I can't wait.
Track Name: Very Strange
Now listen up boys
Get ready for the fight
We have to move now
Before we lose this light

That kid, his gun
A new one from the shop
It makes cool sounds
To try to make us stop

Look in my eye - I dont want to die

Now pin him down
We have won the game
Our sticks beat his gun
War rise to fame.
Track Name: Object
You are a pretty thing aren't you?
You are a pretty little fuck up

Your pretty little face
Expects me to be so much
Well your pretty little face
Can go and fuck itself

Oh so comfortable

You are a pretty for a girl aren't you?
Just a pretty much fuck up

Your pretty little face
Is not of your own
What mask are you now?
This sheep is just a lie

Water is not just the only thing that's filling your mouth

If only I could save you
If only I could save you
If only I could save you
You pretty little thing.
Track Name: A Teacup In A Storm
When the sun goes down
You rise up
Draw the power from what you see
It's in your cup
I am scared of the fury
Find me soon
Powers laid out side by side
Found me soon
No one argues with you
Overly modest
Please stop this hurting
This test
Not feeling you any more
Or expressing emotion
Not having any strength
From commotion
You're not subject to death
Not likely
You not able to be overcome
Not only

The children studied the map
Does not believe in god
Likes inflicting pain
Is overly modest

Overcome - A teacup in a storm
Overcome - A reason worth living
Overcome - A person in a trend
Overcome - A thought without dying

And now for America.
Track Name: Obviously
Four eights are thirty-two.
Track Name: You Make Me Feel Like A Man - Sometimes
I see you swimming in the water
Sometimes I like to jump in
Sometimes I want to swim with her

You make me feel like a man - sometimes
You make me feel like a dam - sometimes
You make me feel like I could screw up everything
You make me yet feel alright

I see you swimming in the water
Sometimes I like to go with the flow
Sometimes I want to take the opiate
That is so much her.

You make me feel like a man - sometimes
You make me feel like a dam - sometimes
You make me feel like I could blow myself away
It is the water that makes me feel alright

I breathe
I swallow

She is the drug that makes me follow
This opium is what makes me swallow
But it seems I am not the only to follow
There are more than me who are willing to swallow
She is the drug that makes them follow
Blue opium is what makes them swallow
I am not sure of her I should follow
I am not so sure if I will swallow

They breathe
They swallow

I stand on the shore
Watch them all swim away
So intent on abusing that drug
A blue flood of comfortable decay.

You make me feel like a man - sometimes
You make me feel like a dam - sometimes
You make me feel like I could open my eyes
You have made them feel alright.

Mary had a flock of sheep
Their blood is blue I know
And everywhere that Mary went
The sheep were sure to go.
Track Name: Student X
Does she know?
Of our fate
The pain wont show
Its far too late

Teach me now
All about life
I don't care how
End this strife

What have you done
Taught me wrong
Life is too long
Cause of this song.

Who am I?
What am I doing?
Can you hear me?
Track Name: (Sad)
The river is cold
The river is deep
But it's much better in
Than it is out

I'm gonna go with the flow

I'm opening my mouth
I'm going to swallow
Just like everyone else
Drown me so hollow

Go with the flow
Track Name: Organism Without A Name
Like a wound in the sky
The rain starts to fall
Damn these feelings
So sick of all this
You are my new misery
My reason to look away
You probably would not
Ever understand this
But you are so everything
So beautiful in my eyes
How I need to hold you
Have your presence near
How I have avoided you
You think I'm just a lie
I cannot find the words
Or actions to suffice
I want to show my feelings
I want this to happen
I want this to be true
I want this
Aching like nothing else

But it is all coming down
We are going to drown
Water takes the strong and meek
I guess we are all but sheep
I cannot worry for this.
Track Name: Puddles
The sun dies from the sky
the puddle is disturbed by the air
the boy can see distorted reflection of
the sky across the puddle, the ripples.
then, like new blood rising from a dry wound
rain pierces through the ceiling of the
sky and dampens the dry, parched earth
the earth strains outward towards the sky
with its thousands of dry mouths
as it is dying and
needs the droplets to live again.
Track Name: H.E.H.F.
The heat distorts my view
We are so tired
They are waiting to die
But got bored while waiting
And I'm gonna kick the daylight
Until it bleeds the night
Down in the dry valley
It slowly moves here
It wont be long now
It will end soon
The bleeding has begun.